Welcome to Material Beliefs


What is Material Beliefs?

Material Beliefs takes emerging biomedical and cybernetic technology out of labs and into public spaces.

The project focuses on technologies which blur the boundaries between our bodies and materials, and how design as a tool for public engagement can be used to stimulate discussion about the value of these forms of hybridity.

Here's an overwiew of what's available on this site:

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  • Have a look at the diary for recent events.
  • The collaboration section has more about building the project.
  • Find out more about the design of the prototypes.
  • This section has a bit of detail on the people involved.
  • Find out how to contact the project here.


Designing in labs

Rather than focusing on the outcomes of science and technology, Material Beliefs approaches research as an unfinished and ongoing set of practices, happening in laboratories and separate from public spaces.

The lab becomes a site for collaboration between scientists and engineers, designers, social scientists and members of the public. Alongside existing research activity such as collecting experimental data, writing academic papers and funding proposals, the collaborations lead to a parallel set of outcomes including interviews, brainstorming, drawing, photography, filming and discussion.

The collaborations lead to the design of prototypes, which embed these parallel outcomes into something tangible. These prototypes are exhibited, transforming emerging laboratory research into a platform that encourages a debate about the relationship between science and society.


Project background

Material Beliefs is based at the Interaction research Studio, in the Department of Design at Goldsmiths, University of London, and is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, through a Partnerships for Public Engagement Award.


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